Sureremit maandelijkse update

Cryptofans opgelet! Vanaf nu brengen we je maandelijks op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws omtrent Sureremit. We starten dit artikel met een korte introductie over Sureremit. Vervolgens hebben we een AMA voor jullie klaar staan om nog dieper in het project te duiken. Stoelriemen vast en lees aandachtig mee!

Wat is Sureremit?

SureRemit is een zuster onderneming van SureGifts, SureBids en SureCredit, allen behorend tot de SureGroup die giftcards, vouchers en Corporate Rewards in Afrika op de kaart heeft gezet. Sureremit wordt ondersteund door een bestaand bedrijf en dat maakt het project erg betrouwbaar. De ontwikkelaars van Sureremit hebben al een retail voucher-infrastructuur in heel Afrika ontwikkeld via Suregifts. SureRemit is een ‘non-cash remittance’ platform, gebouwd op de Stellar Blockchain en door gebruik van de ‘Remit Token’ (RMT) faciliteert SureRemit cross border payments. ‘Non-cash’ houdt in dat er via het SureRemit platform geen contant geld maar e-vouchers en e-Gift Cards worden verstuurd. SureRemit beschikt over een wereldwijd merchant/retail netwerk dat continue wordt uitgebreid. Wil je meer te weten komen over Sureremit? Klik dan hier en lees meteen onze coin review!

Ask me anything

De AMA die we vandaag gaan behandelen is op 14 juni op Reddit gepubliceerd. De AMA is in het Engels en de 2 uitgenodigden zijn SureRemit’s CEO, Laolu Samuel-Biyi en Global Venture Developer, Selwijn Paehlig. In deze AMA hebben Reddit gebruikers de mogelijkheid om al hun vragen te stellen aan de Sureremit experts. Ga er lekker voor zitten, want hier komen de vragen en antwoorden!

We gaan beginnen…

  1. Is there and marketing aspect that will target the commercial use of SureRemit? A short commercial depicting the process I described above would be a great tool for attracting commercial use of the app.
    Corporate Rewards programs are SureGift’s core business, many international corporations are our clients. This is also a use case for SureRemit as corporates around the world can now access voucher markets for their employees locally and globally through SureRemit’s platform. A use case that we will create awareness for indeed, we’ll discuss and decide on the most suitable approach.

  2. What are your plans for marketing SureRemit to the non-crypto retail consumer?
    From our recent marketing efforts, although mostly targeted at the crypto crowd, we’ve had some decent app download activity from traditional users. We’re learning a lot from their user experience and our customer service is getting a lot of insight into their expectations from such an app. They’ve been quite busy. Eventually, they are our real market, and when we’re ready to serve them right, we’ll recalibrate our marketing efforts to target local audiences and the broader remittance market.

  3. What is the strategy for Sureremit to get merchants globally in various countries to sign up and for this list to continue growing?
    So far, we’ve been most successful in our merchant expansion efforts. We’ve brokered a lot of partnerships and our pipeline of merchants is rich. Expansion efforts always continue, it’s an ongoing process; more B2B partners and directly with merchants. We think our users will be happy with the rate of our merchant network expansion in the short term.

  4. Do you plan to grow organically, or will you need to raise more capital?
    It will be difficult to grow at the speed demanded by our community organically. Already, our pace has slowed as a consequence of the crypto market conditions, which affected us as well. We’re growing and developing regardless, and now that we have increased traction, we’re in the market for a traditional capital raise. The crypto market is also turning for the better and the better it gets, the better our financial position as well. So we’ll do more and better than organic growth.

  5. When will the process of in App purchases and redemptions be fully automated and therefore be more decentralised? It must be a priority to have the back end integration with Busha finished as it will free up a lot of developer time as well. When can we expect this to happen pls?
    App purchases are solidly increasing and the ability to fulfill RMT orders directly on the market will definitely have a positive impact. It’s a major priority for us. The good news is that it’s technically possible and as we recently assessed, with or without Busha. I’m unable to put an exact deadline on it, we’re aiming for end June or July. It’s at the very top of the development pipeline.

  6. How competitive are sureremit currency exchange rates? When compared against other competitors with similar offering.
    If we can say so ourselves, SureRemit is perhaps one of the most competitive out there in terms of utility. In fact, compared to other assets in our industry, the utility of RMT suggests that it’s undervalued, and it’s only a matter of time before it finds its place.

  7. Will there be a means for direct transfers from bank-to-app and vice-versa? It’s noted competitor offerings such as Crypterium have this in place.
    Any interaction with the banking system comes with its suite of headaches. In the crypto space, the ideal is always to avoid running on the banking rails. Crypterium value proposition looks like it’s to enable an interface with the banking system, so I imagine that their investments and infrastructure is mostly towards dealing with those systems and all the complications that come with them (bank accounts, POS, ATM etc.). Our approach has been about how we can bypass those systems. If it’s something we can do without further burden to our users, perhaps by partnering with fellow crypto companies like Crypterium, we could explore it. We’ll look into this.

  8. Do you plan to add XLM and BNB as an additional in-app payment method for vouchers? ( That’s assuming your system can convert the value to RMT market orders on SDEX of course)
    We recently had that discussion internally and figured that if we can jump through hoops to accept USD, what’s stopping us from accepting BTC, BNB and especially XLM as well? The technical guys confirmed that it’s no problem at all, so it’s now being implemented. Looking to add BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM and BNB to buy RMT in-app.

  9. Will SureGifts and SureBids be integrated all into the SureRemit app? If yes, what is the timeline?
    Integrating SureGifts transactions have proven a bit more difficult than we originally imagined because of the dependencies required. Specifically, since we receive NGN (fiat) for most of the transactions there, we’ll need a fiat exchange to make an RMT middle-layer work, and that’s one of the areas where we need guys like Busha. They work on an independent development timeline, and it’s not at the very top of the list for them, but it’s there.

  10. Do you plan to integrate donation portals on the app? I think it would complement your overall strategy about being able to allow cross border value transfer in a cheap and easy way.
    You are very right. We had to prioritize in building our fundamentals, the result was that we had to allocate time and resources to other segments of our development. Happy to say that once the dust has settled on the current SureRemit goes Global! campaign, we’ll have more time to get charity donations up and running.

  11. Which other countries are you targeting with current SureRemit goes Global! campaign? When are you targeting to launch in each of these countries?
    We’ll announce a new country daily (weekdays), hope you don’t mind if we keep the upcoming countries as a surprise…During the SureRemit goes Global! campaign we continue the integration of more countries. Looks like we should be able to run the campaign for approx. 2 more weeks, depending on integration progress.

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