Zeepin Coin review (English version)

What is Zeepin?

Zeepin is the world’s first customised platform that provides more protection, recognition, connection and support to everyone in the creative industries.

Zeepin focusses on the decentralisation of one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Through blockchain technology, Zeepin offers a borderless and transparent economy using their own digital currency (ZPT).

By using Zeepin’s platform, creators will have more copyright protection, designers can find manufacturers, musicians can find venues, joint ventures can be formed, funds can be raised through crowdfunding and talents can be recruited. All this and more is made possible by one single low-cost platform.

In short: Zeepin has found an innovative way to protect the value of copyrights, increase productivity and to make growth possible by using blockchain technology.

Zeepin makes this possible by creating their own ecosystem where all assets and transactions are traceable.

By using the platform, you cut out the middleman. You can have direct contact with a manufacturer, designer, clients, etc.

It doesn’t matter where you live. When you have access to the Internet and use Zeepin, you will have the world at your feet. The tools make it possible to copyright, authorise, insure, connect, crowdfund and launch exciting projects using ZPT tokens for transactions.

In short, why Zeepin?

– Build trust among multiple parties — smart contracts with Authorisation Pros automatically distribute profits according to the agreement.

– Protect your copyright — Validate your creative assets on the blockchain that publishes your copyright information.

– Form global creative teams — Recruit members and form global creative teams through new trust system built on digital identity.

– Attract funding — Transparency creates a secure and efficient investment environment.

After doing some research I found that test net is live and main net is launching in August. I have been in Zeepin since ICO and they are one of the most active projects I have invested in. Zeepin had made huge progress in a short amount of time. This really surprised me, considering that some projects take years to develop.

What does Zeepin offer?

ZeeCrew: This is an efficient way to outsource tasks to other people with a specific skill set. The platform provides the possibility to put together a team with the adequate skill sets, without being restricted by borders.

ZeeRights: This is a way to register copyrights on the blockchain by using the Zeepin platform. Zeepin aims to keep these costs close to zero.

ZeeProof: Or ‘’Zero-knowledge proof’’ is a way to provide conclusive proof of the existence of a copyright without disclosing the copyright content. This reduces the risk of an idea getting stolen.

ZeeSure Asset Insurance: An all in one insurance for all your digital assets.

ZeeCreate: This makes it possible to connect ideas to people and vice versa. Zeepin does this without the need of a middleman and makes the whole process p2p.

ZeeTalent: As a member of the Zeepin community, you can create your own digital identity. This identity shows your skills, experience, country, etc. When a project is in need of a person with your skill set, they can reach out to you and offer you a job. This reduces the recruitment costs, makes it easier to put together a team and makes it possible to recruit the right people all over the world.

ZeeFund Crowdfunding: If you have a project and you are looking for investors, you can start a crowdfunding campaign via the Zeepin platform. Funding will be paid in ZPT.

Core team

Read more: https://www.zeepin.io/team.html

Management Team

Read more: https://www.zeepin.io/team.html

Legal Advisor

Read more: https://www.zeepin.io/team.html

Team evaluation

The team of Zeepin is very comprehensive and has enough experience with blockchain technology. The core team exists of experienced individuals and the CEO even received an award for being one of Shanghai’s top 20 most creative talents in 2011. The marketing team also has a lot of experience. When I look at their Telegram, Twitter, Website, etc. I can see that their marketing team is very active and they are open to suggestions. The only thing that worries me about the team, is that they only have 1 legal advisor. For most companies/startups that would be enough, but Zeepin wants to protect copyrights/ideas and I don’t think that having only 1 legal advisor is enough to guarantee legal safety.

Zeepin token info

Ticker : ZPT Token Type : NEP-5 Total Supply : 500,000,000 Hardcap : 420,000 NEO (around $ 63 million) ICO price : $ 0,13 Current price : $ 0,06 Current marketcap : $ 31.000.000,- Where to buy : Kucoin, Gate.io, HitBTC, Switcheo Network and LBank Website : www.zeepin.io


Positive/negative points

Positive: Strong & committed team: Zeepin’s team seems to be very experienced and active. They also seem to have enough experience in blockchain technology.

Innovative idea: Personally, I love the concept that Zeepin brings to the table. The tokens play an important role in the ecosystem and blockchain technology is actually needed in this project. They haven’t just started an ICO to raise a lot of money like some of the ICO’s we see in the crypto space. Good price: The price of ZPT is very low at the moment. I personally invested in the ICO and my investment is 50% down right now. But I see this price as an opportunity to buy more.

Negative: Lack of hype: At this moment there is a lack of hype surrounding Zeepin. In my opinion, this has three reasons:

1. The entire cryptomarket is unstable right now and projects like Zeepin aren’t getting the appreciation they deserve. 2. Zeepin’s main net is due in August. The real hype will start after main net has launched, because people will be able to use the platform. 3. Zeepin is only available at the smaller exchanges at the moment. I believe that they will be listed on more exchanges before or right after their main net launch.


As mentioned before, I have invested in the ICO of Zeepin and I have been following the project ever since. The project has a lot of potential and it solves problems in the creative industry. Zeepin also makes it easier to get in touch with each other in the creative industry. I think that the price of Zeepin doesn’t reflect the full potential of the project and the question is, will it ever reach its full potential? I think it will, but don’t forget to do your own research before you decide to invest. Zeepin is my hidden gem and I will keep posting updates about this project.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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